Is Question 2: What You Will See Him Do, between you and him, in the next, say 3 months in the real world of action. Or you can ask What Will He Do in the 3 months – whichever you prefer. Psychic prediction can seem wrong if you don’t know it did happen. Of course, you can ask both forms if you choose.

The first question is “What is he thinking.” The second question is “What will he do?”
There could be a surprise here: What he thinks he is going to do may not be what he does. (Imagine that!) Nevertheless, Question 2 builds on Question 1: First his motive, and then what he does. For example, if he loves you more than he is comfortable with, he may run away for a while (or forever). If this is the case, then Question 3 will tell you to be very casual, not intense, to say “Give me a drag off what you’ve been smoking” when he says “How many babies is we gonna have?”

Maybe you really want to know whether he will or will not do something you have in mind, rather than just what he will do. Here is where to ask that. “Will he call me tomorrow?” “Will he move in before the end of the year?” “Will he leave the other woman while I’m still interested in him?”
“Will they hire me before the interview with the next job opportunity?”

Note we specify the time and let the answer be about action. Asking “when” is unrewarding. “When” is – from the point of view of out there somewhere, where psychics or tarot gets the answers – just the movement of planets, which is unrelated to the narrative story. The source does not correlate the two, no matter how we whine. Just live with it!

Question 3, What He Will Do, does not have to be about your love interest at all; it can be about a lawsuit, a runaway pet, the decision job interviewers will make, or whether the doctor chooses to operate.

Some situations are more random than others, and some things don’t appear on the radar as well as others. (Beginning to use drugs is one of those.) So this question is subject to revision and caprice more than the others; it is less accurate, in a sense. And some people, believe me, change every few seconds: If you are following someone who is lost, your movements make as little sense as his! but you are still where you are supposed to be.

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