All HIS VIEW© answers are 100% accurate,
in detail, with no information from you.


is Question 1: “How does he (your person of
interest) think and feel about you in his heart,
his gut, his soul? – his inner thoughts expressed
in his own words from his perspective. You will
recognize it’s him all right. Since my method is
based on verbatim meanings, sometimes his
exact words are in your answer!

This answer lays bare his motives, intentions and
attitudes. I read the minds of the people you
focus on – and then of the people they focus on
. . . and on down the line . . . in detail with no
information from you. And I read their minds
about any situation, not just love; and I read
the minds of any group of people you deal with:
the people in power at work, your friends, your lover’s friends, the family, the people who will be at the, say, wedding or graduation.
This first question tells you what use he has for you, how he feels you fit into his life or don’t. With this answer, now you know the dynamics of the relationship you are in, or want to be in, or would have been in. Now you know why he acts the way he does.

HIS VIEW OF YOU© is useful not just in love matters but in job interviews you haven’t yet been to, performance evaluation meetings, presentations you give to clients. It is useful for dealing effectively with coworkers, friends, neighbors, strangers, antagonists of all stripes – anybody about anything!
Question 1 identifies motives of unknown persons as well as people you have met or know of. So it is useful in “Will I find someone?” questions and even in investigations. “What is the motive of the person or people who did this?” often tells you who the culprit is or at least leads a trail to him.
One HIS VIEW OF YOU© question averages 4 or 5 minutes. You can ask about specific time spans. You can ask about a specific incident or subject. (“What was he thinking when he put the flowers in the toilet and said he loved me?” “What does he think of my looks?” “What does he think of me in his conscious aware mind?” – rather than in his heart, gut and soul which I usually access for you.)

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