is Question 4. You have a primary relationship
with your Person of Interest, and you want to
know how your Person of Interest feels about
another person. Or you want to know how your
Person of Interest feels about the friends/family
who are interfering. Or you want to know how
your Person of Interest feels about the job
opportunity that will cause him to move away
from where you live.
It doesn’t have to be love. Maybe you want to
know how the judge feels about their case; how
your child feels about the pusher; how your
neighbors are disposed toward your zoning
variance application; how elderly parents are
disposed toward a ne’er-do-well relative who is
pressuring them to make a change in the Will.
Even how Baby likes the new crib, or how kitty is
adjusting to life in the new home, or how son is
adjusting to life in college . . . is he sober???
How your child really feels about the other
custodial parent.
Is your pet missing? This answer will look
through the eyes of the animal and tell you how
she or she experiences the enviromment and the
people around him/her.
So Question 4 is a flexible useful tool. You get
into the mind, heart, gut and soul – into the
inner thoughts – of your Person of Interest
regarding the problem person, regarding the
problem thing . . . regarding the interfering
factor in your life.
The minds of persons unknown to you can also
be accessed in this Question 4. We can ask the
motive of culprit/perpetrator. We can ask the
unknown thief why he/she stole (it), and the
answer, which is in that person’s words, usually
expresses that guilty party’s personality. We can
ask the deceased victim’s view of what happened
to him or her (or it). Then we can ask the
unknown mugger or murderer what he/she did
or what happened. This process has been
extremely accurate in the hands of Emily.

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