About Emily
to whom you will be talking
when you call 800 432 4635

In business as her own psychic counseling company since 1993, with the same phone number, that she herself answers. (This indicates she is probably not a crook.)

Advertised in Cosmopolitan magazine as a psychic since 1993. (probably not a crook)

Technical court reporter 25 years; owned her own office in a major city. (definitely not)

Lives simply and works for the animals 12-15 hours a day 365 or so days a year. Would love to make that less! Has a book or two she would like to write.

Is a poet. And a wit. And a creative cook: All the recipes you see on this site are original discoveries.

Supports the elk ranch since 1991; has run it as a sanctuary since 1996.

Is incredibly well-read. Taught herself to read, unaided, beginning around 3 or 4 years of age; read systematically through the Dewey Decimal System in major libraries while a schoolgirl. In your psychic reading, information sometimes shows up from the darnedest places.

Is spiritually insightful for you. Called to major mystical work before 1979 but had mystical abilities and experiences since infancy. Has a gift which is infectious of dealing effectively with reality by not taking it too seriously. Has a talent for relevant but irreverent humorous analogy: for making one thing clear quickly by comparing it to something else entirely in a witty story you will remember. As a matter of fact, it is usually refreshing to talk to Emily. Clients often say they feel better whether the news is happy or not.

Emily is not the psychic you are used to. She isn’t hearing or seeing things, has no spirit guide, no new age or moralistic dogma to impose, and she doesn’t tune in to you but to whatever you are dealing with. She doesn’t care whether you follow the advice, she is selling you the information, for you to do with as you choose: It’s yours.

She needs absolutely no information from you about you or about others: no birthday, no name even. And her answers are literal direct detailed answers to specific questions. She is reading tarot verbatim and accessing directly the consciousness (the heart, gut and soul) of the people you deal with. She accesses them via your voice, as court reporters do instinctively.

She discovered the tarot verbatim formula as a result of science lectures on Consistent Violators of the Laws of Random Distribution. So she comes to psychic reading by a back door, a logical analytical back door. (Tarot is one of five known consistent violators of those laws.)

Many of her clients are psychics because she has no trouble tuning in to them because she doesn’t do that. She does use your voice; but she can answer questions other people ask you to ask her, and answer questions about people who are unknown to you, people you haven’t met. She is good with theoretical “what if” questions too.

Just about all the money you spend here supports the animals. The critters have it good here because of you. And if the income doubled, all the money would still go to the sanctuary: A ranch is worse than a yacht that way.